Riva and Sam

January 20th, 2020 on the Windward side of Oahu, Hawaii

Laie, Hawaii, January 20th, 2020 for Riva and Sam Reyna.

1:56PM Arrival.

Hi guys. My name’s Ron. I met Riva about ten years ago when she worked at Kabuki in Rancho Cucamonga through our mutual friend, Shelley. I used to pop in and say hi at the various locations she’s worked at throughout the years. Blessed to be able to have the opportunity to capture her big day with her and Sam. Shouts to you too Sam, you’re the man.

So Shelley and I arrive a little bit late on the day of the wedding because we had to pick up Cambodian owned – Philly cheese steaks from a food cart down the way (Kampuchea Kitchen, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) but also grab coffee for Riva; something Shelley has been doing for years when they were co-workers. Once we arrive, every one in the house is still on hustle and bustle mode. I had until 3:30PM to get everything going so here we go:

Yes, that’s yours!
The coffee wasn’t that good Shelley. (HA)
Quick family snap before the FIRST LOOK!

245PM: First Look.

Riva, Sam and Ari and I met up for dim sum actually in December when I got back from Japan to discuss the schedule for the day of. What we briefly overlooked was whether or not to do a first look. Sam was like…yeah cool? Hahaha. I knew for a fact I wanted to shoot some looks prior to the wedding ceremony at 3:30PM with them in case I ran out of light after the ceremony. We lucked out because they kept Sam and Riva separate all morning which means….a FIRST LOOK!

That’s one serious sign whoever wrote it! (photo cred Shelley)
First look at the bride on the beach! RIVAAAAAAAA

3:23PM, Ceremony Time.

Was it a 3PM or 3:30PM call time? If it’s 3:30…we’re on time :O)

Aloha DJ
Shouts to the braddah at Flying Ahi for the grinds, brah.
Riva’s phone has been located
Officially Sam and Riva Reyna!
Here’s a raw clip of the wedding ceremony!

The Newlyweds!

Party Time!

Thanks guys for letting me switch to film for the rest of the evening! Party shots shot on a Contax and Olympus MJI and Fuji Instax Wide Camera. Thanks Shelley for helping me capture some of the moments while I was unloading and backing up the digitals from the day of.

Amazing performance!

And some guest photos!

Here are some guest photos! If you were in attendance at Riva’s wedding; feel free to message me and I will provide the Dropbox link for the other photos not featured. I am picking some of of my favorites here just for Riva and Sam to view. THX