So am I qualified?
Over 18 and a registered voter at the time of election- Check.  Yes, Qualified.  WOOT.  I mean…
nobody really grows up wanting to do politics right?  It just kind of happens that you want to do good and make positive changes when you see something wrong.  That’s what I’m trying to do here – make changes and bring us to the top.  Sorry Arcadia, San Marino, Temple City and Alhambra- WE THA BEST FOREVER.  The only qualification I’ll ever need is passion. I am SGV until the casket drops.  While I may not have served officially on a public city council, I have been a long time resident and seen all the growth and changes that have happened in the past few decades.  I have gone through the San Gabriel school system from 1st grade until the 12th. I coached and volunteered for many San Gabriel organizations. My family have had businesses in San Gabriel since 1993.  I remember when Taco Bell used to sell Choco Tacos and I’d run over to Spike’s next door to grab a teriyaki bowl.  I remember chasing after Gus’s ice cream truck when he didn’t give me my change back. I’ve been robbed, jumped and beaten in our beautiful city.  I’ve had my heart broken here.  At the end of the day; my heart still bleeds MISSION.

A few humble SG highlights:
– McKinley Mustang/ Jefferson Bulldog / Gabrielino High Eagle Alumni
– Competed for The Gabrielino Screamin Eagles Speech and Team (ranked number 1 in the United States right now/ NFL)
– Volunteered for the San Gabriel Firefighters and took part in ROP Fire Science for multiple terms.  I’ve washed those firetrucks countless times.
– School politics/school president for multiple schools and grades
– Coached cheer and soccer after school at Marshall Elementary and took third place! (not bad for a dude…right?)
– Volunteered as a peer counselor after school at the Asian Youth Center
– My car was shot at and slashed and broken in North San Gabriel.  RIP 1986 Toyota Cressida with the burgundy seats.